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UMass Medical School Center for Applied Nutrition: IBD-AID

The official website for the IBD-AID diet

UMass Medical School Center for Applied Nutrition: IBD-AID Highlights:
IBD-AID Phases: Guidance for determining what phase you are currently in.
IBD-AID Allowable Foods List, By Phase: Downloadable/Printable PDF with the allowed foods for each phase
IBD-AID: Sample Daily Menus for Each Phase: Sample menus complete with recipes in downloadable/printable PDF form
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Anti-Inflammatory Diet (IBD-AID) Recipes: Complete online list of IBD-AID recipes.
IBD-AID: Happy Holiday Menu For All!: Holiday menu with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Websites | Presentations | Brochures |


Listen to the Experts Share their Wisdom.

IBD Anti-inflammatory Diet or IBD-AID: Proof of Concept
Ana Maldonado-Contreras, MSc, PhD

Dr. Ana Maldonado-Contreras, a lead researcher in IBD-AID explains the relationship between diet, microbiome and immune function with the design and rational of IBD-AID to manipulate the microbiome. She shares the recently published data of the impact of IBD-AID on the microbiome and cytokine levels specific to food components.

Barbara Olendzki, RD: Diet, IBD & the Microbiome
Barbara Olendzki, RD

Searching the microbiome for clues to managing inflammatory bowel disease

Soapbox #1054 Barbara Olendzki and Joshua Shi
Barbara Olendzki, RD

Mauro's guests are Barbara Olendzki and  Joshua Shi who are here to tell us about Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Voices of UMass Medical School: Your Diet, Your Gut, Your Health
Barbara Olendzki, RD

Barbara Olendzki, RD, MPH, studies how diet affects the microbiome and overall health. She explains the science in a new Voices of UMassMed podcast.

Against the Grain: The IBD-AID: Anti-inflammatory Diet for Crohn’s and Colitis
Barbara Olendzki, RD; Samir Kakodkar, MD

Guest: Barbara Olendzki, RD

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Brochures and Downloads

Nutritional Therapy for IBD Brochure
Nutritional Therapy for IBD

This tri-fold brochure provides information about our organization, illustrates options available to patients, and provides info on the Patient Pathway for patients to learn more about nutritional therapy.

The Melody Trial Brochure

This brochure can be downloaded and printed for distribution to patients who may be interested in participating in the Melody Trial. Trial description: We are seeking pregnant women to participate in a trial that will evaluate the efficacy of diet intervention during the third trimester of pregnancy. This study's goal is to determine if manipulation of the mother's microbiome, through diet, would benefit their baby. The diet aims to promote a healthier immune system during a critical time of immune system development.

Nutritional Therapy for IBD

Improving the Care of Patients with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis through Nutrition

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